Profile in English (英語での自己紹介)

★ Name
In Japanese   石坂わたる
In English     Ishizaka Wataru

★ A brief history
Born in 1976
2000 Seikei University Department of economics graduate
2001 Chiba University Special Education Specialist Graduation
2010 Rikkyo University ( / Saint Paul's University), Graduate School of Social Design Studies for 21st Century (Master of Business Administration in Social Design Studies)

Asahide Gakuen(School for special education)
Nakano-ward, Tokyo Government office staff (Terminable employment) 
Part-time lecturer (childcare & child welfare)

2007 I came out officially and run for election of Nakano ward assemblyman. → results, unsuccessful ...
2011 re-election → elected!

Member of the Nakano-ward assembly ( Independence / no party)

( One of only two openly gay elected local politicians in Japan. )

★ LGBT activities
In 2014, together with Nakano ward mayor, we visited GAY BAR in Nakano.
In 2015, Annual Kanto Regional Seminar of Local Councilor's National Association (Title: Understanding LGBT)
Same sex couples can also use the search for housing support, can use DV consultation, can register emergency contact information. ← achieved

★ Key policy
Social design for everyone to live easily.
(Older people, people with disabilities, women, children, LGBT, foreigners ...)

★News article

★ Qualifications
Japanese Psychological Society identified psychologist qualification
Psychiatric social worker
& Administrative scrivener

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